Purpose in Leadership 2 Years Later

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This week marks a bit of an anniversary for Purpose in Leadership. I began blogging two years ago.

Two years later I’m taking in the same view of Skagit Valley I was the day I set up the blog site and posted my first reflection (see: Perspectives on Prosperity for Leadership).

Top Post Themes

It’s been a fun journey that has included 138 posts so far and provides a place to engage a number of key topics. Among the top themes engaged by visitors are:

Reflections & Next Steps

As most anniversaries, this one provides a time to celebrate and reflect.

I celebrate Purpose in Leadership a place to pull together thoughts on topics about which I care deeply. I celebrate a place to share insights with current and former students. I celebrate the opportunity to connect with a wider network of readers.

I am not a daily blogger, but one thing I’ve learned along the way is that blogging is work. Regular blogging takes intentionality, ongoing learning, and time. I have a great deal of respect for those who have been doing this for more years than I have been blogging.

Even thought it has been work, work takes on meaning when it is connected to what we love and when it provides value to others. I hope these labors have been a blessing to some of the readers who follow along regularly. We’ll see where the journey leads in the coming months and years!

One thought on “Purpose in Leadership 2 Years Later

  1. Justin, Thank you!!! Before I say why, let me reiterate that I thank you and Thank the Lord for your work. I was called as to serve as pastor to a Church that had just excommunicated the former pastor for theft, gross immorality and a pattern of deceit. He left the Church in 250,000 worth of debt, bankruptcy and the congregation dwindle down to 11 people. I have not received seminary training of any kind and all of this was completely new to me being fresh out of college. I wanted to purchase your material through Logos. I knew it would be a great benefit for myself and the Church. However, neither the Church or myself, could afford those products on Logos. However, finding your blogs here and at irvingresources.com has more than ministered to me and assisted me in serving this ministry. At this time the Lord has grown our Church to over 50 members with over 75 in attendance on a Sunday. The Lord used your work, your labor and your generosity to help me better shepherd, lead and communicate God’s Truth and clarify the Mission of The Church to the people I serve. Thank you again!!! I will be investing in your Logos products soon. Thank you again for your work and your base may be Minnesota but your sphere of influence has reached all the way down to Ohio.

    Pastor Allen

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