#2 … Top 10 Posts from 2015 — 7 Levels of Leadership Communication


Photo Credit: Communication, by elycefeliz, Flickr

In a previous post I shared some observations on my top blogs posts from 2015. This week we come to the top two posts.

The #2 post from 2015 was …

7 Levels of Leadership Communication

Effective leadership and effective communication are intimately connected. I often tell students, “Although you can be an effective communicator without being an effective leader, effective communication is foundational to effective leadership.”

For some of you, this is energizing. For others—perhaps those who do not like public speaking—this can sound intimidating. But whether we like it or not, effective communication is vital for effective leadership.

It is important to remember, however, that communication takes many forms, uses many mediums, and happens at many levels. While some leaders excel at public forms of communication such as plenary speaking or communication through mass media, others excel at interpersonal forms of dyadic and small group communication.

As leaders, the key is to know our strengths and growth edges as leadership communicators.

Check out this top post (both in 2014 and 2015) and a quick list of 7 Levels of Leadership Communication that you may use to think through strengths and growth edges in your leadership communication practice.

Here’s the link to the Purpose in Leadership’s #2 post from 2015:

7 Levels of Leadership Communication

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