#8 … Top Posts from 2015 — 17 Lessons from 17 Years of Marriage



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In a previous post I shared some observations on my top blogs posts from 2015. In the coming weeks I will be taking time both to share new content and to share some of the top viewed posts from the past year.




The #8 post from 2015 was …

17 Lessons from 17 Years of Marriage

In 2015, Tasha and I celebrated 17 years of marriage.

Comparing 17 years to the 72 years of marriage my grandpa and grandma enjoyed seems small. But 17 years is no small thing to us; these are 17 wonderful years to be celebrated!

As we celebrated our anniversary, Tasha I decided to pull together our 17 Lessons from 17 Years of Marriage. Here are a few of the lessons from first 17 years:

  1. Prioritize Time Together
  2. Keep Short Accounts
  3. Laugh Often
  4. Learn and Speak One Another’s Love Language
  5. Appreciate, Don’t Expect
  6. Celebrate One Another, Including the Differences
  7. The Kids Are #2
  8. Ride the Waves like a Pro in the Ups and Downs of Life
  9. Keep the Friendship, and the Romance, Alive
  10. Give Tech a Timeout
  11. The Grass is Greenest Here
  12. Enjoy the Mountaintops and the Mundane
  13. Dream and Grow Together
  14. Change Yourself, Not Each Other
  15. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
  16. Listen and Learn
  17. Stay Connected to the Vine

While some of these are self-explanatory, in this top post from 2015, along with the associated posts in the series, I unpack Tasha and my thinking on these lessons for marriage.

Here’s a link to the Purpose in Leadership #8 post from 2015:

17 Lessons from 17 Years of Marriage

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